Neutral Spine Standing into the Hip Hinge

Neutral Spine in the Hip Hinge

As we progress into standing, keeping a neutral spine gets more tricky. Many times the cues of posture are focused on the shoulders and neck. When we cue shoulders down and back away from the ears, we automatically overextend the low back, therefore forgetting about neutral spine. Here we not only are keeping the shoulders down, but also being able to tuck the ribs down, keep the core activated and the low back “flat” or neutral. Try practicing this with a PVC pipe on your back as you hinge slowly.

If you are feeling low back pain during Deadlifts or Kettlebell swings, most likely you are not keeping your core engaged or keeping your spine in a neutral position. This is very common, and does take a lot of practice, body control and core strength. Have your coach take a look at your hinge position and see what you might be able to work on!

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