Movement and Lifestyle Nutrition Workshop

Hi Friends! I am thrilled to announce the first Movement and Lifestyle (This one focusing on lifestyle nutrition) Workshop. I want to share with you all the information I can about better movement patterns, pain free lifestyle tips, mobility and exercises that will help with strengthening joints and keeping them safe . I also want to try and teach you more about whole food nutrition, sustainability and eating for life.

I also have invited some VERY special guests and super knowledgable people coming to present and piggy back on all the discussion.

Mollie Walker, a Naturopathic Doctor, will be there to add in a lot of input to my nutrition topics and lifestyle tips, but also talk about the role of stress. Stress affects not only your mood, but your hormones, inflammation and the recovery process and performance. It is crucial to be aware of and to keep under control if you are looking for less pain and better movement.

Stacey Tester is a Yoga instructor and a Health Coach. She will help us set intentions and help us be more aware about the mind body connection. If you are not aware with what is going on in your body, and able to listen to it and feed it what it needs, you will have a very hard time finding a way to achieve your health and lifestyle goals. She will help us set up some practices to be more in touch with our minds to make a better connection to our movement and lifestyle patterns.

Lastly, Yours Truly, will be cooking for you all! I will be serving easy meals that will help give you ideas on how to food prep for the week, what “whole food” eating looks like and also that fresh healthy foods are super tasty too!

All of this is wrapped into a fabulous afternoon (hopefully outside) in NE Portland. You will get to spend time learning, discussing, moving, asking questions, eat, drink and chat in one Fall Sunday! You will all get a workbook to write notes and take home to practice! It will include all the movement patterns from the day, nutrition informations, and 3 day meal plans and recipes!

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