12/15/19 Daily Message

Hi friends. I’ve decided to try and send a daily (as much as possible…) brief message that relates to my passion on anything and everything health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, sustainability, movement, exercise, lifestyle. My goal is to spread the word for more education, learning and awareness. It is up to you and only you to make your life the best it can be and I want to help bring up important topics as well as start discussion on others research and belief systems so we can ALL learn more.

I guess we should start with a quick intro of who I am and what I believe (so you can filter now if you are not interested in listening to me.) My name is Raina Munson and I am a Movement and Exercise Specialist as well as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. I have been in the Wellness industry for 10 years and have held jobs all over the spectrum. I am currently the Owner and Coach of ROM Specialized Training, based out of Portland, Oregon. My focus is to teach better movement for a more pain free lifestyle, as well as set you up with the tools to increase your performance in any aspect of life. I also focus on lifestyle nutrition and creating better habits to help you live with less stress, enjoy more energy, decrease risk of chronic disease and inflammation and to remind you to have fun in life and bring happiness wherever you go . I work at small gyms, at personal houses, parks, various studios and corporate settings and have an online presence through education, programs and challenges and personal and corporate programming. My goal is to reach as many people as I can about my passions and not limiting it to any one setting or population.

Today, I want to talk about personal accountability especially when it comes to consumerism. Believe me, I am NOT a perfect example of this because it is REALLY hard to do in our lives of convenience. We have pretty much everything at our fingertips… literally… type it, order and it comes. Simple, effective, and extremely wasteful! I’m not saying don’t order online because yes it is cheap, makes things simple, is convenient and genius obviously. Then think about what you are ordering and why do you need it? We fill our houses up with stuff, we get things we don’t need, we gift things that will go unused because it is a token of appreciation. Does it makes us happy does it give us something we need or does it just fill a void or create a feeling of success? Why do we buy food packaged and shipped from across the world… because we can? Why do we buy meat from huge industrial companies when we can find a farmer that lives near your city? Why do we continue to give our money in the form of food and goods that don’t have good practices, that are hurting our environment, not using healthy practices, overly package, are greedy and are making our society more corrupted? If we all just were a little less lazy, were conscious educated consumers and just start saying NO to poor practices and overpackaged goods wouldn’t it start getting better? Wouldn’t the big business start to decline their influence and we would bring back small farmers, local businesses and goods and start building back up our communities? Again, I’m not perfect and I hardly can say I don’t order things online or buy what is cheap, but I’m being more aware and more personally responsible every day. Can’t we all just start committing to being responsible for ourselves? Come on, how hard can it be to stop buying single use plastics, meat from foster farms, food from nestle and coca-cola, fake processed foods that involve numerous imports and money making conglomerates, chemical preservatives and packaging. This is where I started: buying better whole and local foods as much as I can. My husband and I just bought a 1/2 cow from a local sustainable company. I grow food and herbs year round. I say no to pre-packing food as much as possible. Especially produce. Why in the world do you need to put your lemons in a plastic bag for 20 minutes, take them out and throw away the bag? Seriously? Make better choices. Stop being lazy. Do what’s RIGHT for goodness sakes. Just do better. Every day, make a good responsible decision as a consumer. Please and Thank You.

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read me.

Stay tuned for more Raina Rants! 😉 ❤

Also, The 30 Day 202 Challenge Starts Jan 1st! Check out more about it on my events page and FB!

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