12/16/19 Daily Message

Good morning and happy Monday. I’m just keeping it simple this day and thinking about the simple things in life that I’m grateful for.

First of simplicity. I am a pretty simple person. I thrive off personal relationships, exploring and adventuring, music, good food, spending time outdoors, a cozy bed and a good book. I’ve never needed or really wanted more in my life and I don’t need THINGS to make me happy. Sure I like clothes and I have like 30 pairs of leggings (I justify that it’s my uniform) but I do my best to try and shop used, or try and buy quality clothes that will last and be functional. I don’t need fancy stuff, new cars, toys, furniture (oh did I mention we don’t have a couch in our house… we are as you call it furniture free… yes we have a table and a bed.) We have been thinking about buying a new table, a big hutch for the kitchen, a rug for the living room… all this stuff and guess how long this has been going on. 1.5 years we have been talking about it but ya know what? We don’t need it and our lives are fine without them so what’s the big deal. I spend more money on plants, seeds and soil than I have on the inside of my house. That is what makes me happy, plus I get to reap the benefits of being outside and eating food that I grew myself. That is what makes me happy. Waking up in a comfy bed and having the privilege to read my book, drink a tasty pour over of locally roasted coffee and write a blog. I guess what I’m getting at is take it back a little from the over complications of life and consumerism and stuff to make you happy. Why can’t the people you surround yourself with and the experiences life takes you be enough? Why hustle so hard you stress yourself beyond what’s even close to healthy just to buy stuff? Why hate Mondays every week when you could be pursuing your passion so Mondays are the best day of the week that you look forward to because your work is fun and fulfilling? Go ahead and find the little things that make you smile. Remember them and be grateful for them. I bet your day will go better and you will find yourself smiling more and slowly decreasing stress. Give it a shot and see how you feel!

Today I’m grateful for my Christmas Cactus that bloomed its first flower this year. It brings me joy and I smile every time I look at it. What are you grateful for?

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