12/18/19 Daily Thoughts

I was out this morning in the cold doing basic farm chore things. Taking our the compost and turning the soil, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, watering plants, taking the garbage in, and just walking around the backyard checking stuff out. It took 10 or so minutes. I got fresh air, blood circulation, did things that are helpful for my family and me, and for nourishment so I can reap benefits from my own work. When I came back inside, I felt better, more energized, happier and ready to get going on the things I needed to do (productivity who knew?!!) I think that is what is missing from many peoples lives. Spending time outside moving. There is no specific with this… anything where you physically move your body works! The days I’m stuck indoors at the computer, lazy, tired, working, while it’s raining (you all know that list goes on… they are called excuses) I always regret not going for that walk or spending time in the garden. When I do go out I get this time of relief. I always get distracted by the trees, moon, stars, new buds, leaves that have fallen, the wind and fresh air and I immediately feel less stress. So I encourage and challenge you to spend more time outdoors. Break up your day, go for walks, find a reason to have to go outside whenever you can. I guarantee you will feel better, refreshed, energized and feel like a little weight is let off. BUT the key to all this, if you currently don’t go outside much, this might feel like a chore. DO NOT let it!!! This is pleasure, actual connection (to real life things… like plants) and movement. All these things are beneficial (and honestly required) to reach your peak physical and mental state. Start looking forward to your breaks, breathing it all in and realizing how nice it is to disconnect to our lives full of TV, computers, and artificial light. Anyways… get after it and get your butt outside!!! 😉

One Comment on “12/18/19 Daily Thoughts

  1. Yah, whenever I’m out on my bike in the rain, I find myself smiling like a loon as i ride along, it’s so fun! The secret is the RIGHT GEAR! I’m so toasty inside my cocoon, and I actually feel sorry for the people going by who are cooped up in their cars.


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