12/23/19 Daily Thoughts

Hope everyone had a great Solstice! Sorry I’ve been out a few days but I’ve been traveling from Oregon to California to Nevada and back to Cali. Spent time with my best friends, new babies, driving, saw a little snow (though the snowboard day did not happen because all the lifts were closed from high winds…) so instead did some wine tasting at Apple Hill, walked around my old college stomping grounds of Sacramento, and now back to work for the day so I can spend the rest of the week spending time with my family.

The thought I want to share today is to remind yourselves (and me) this time of year is to help yourselves out! This time of year is supposed to be for feeling grateful, thankful and merry. We don’t need to fill it up with stress, consumerism, putting pressure on ourselves to get everyone the perfect present or more thoughtful gift. The question always is what is the gift to get someone who has everything. I think the answer is personal and meaningful time. Because no one has enough time… we all have things to do, jobs, families, hobbies, shopping, eating… we all know the list goes on. So instead of putting all the pressure on them to find them the perfect “thing” how about instead commit a whole day to someone, or plan a date. Or if they are friends or family that is struggling with kids, money, sanity… maybe give them a day of your time to help out. To watch their kids, to help clean, to cook a meal, to help them in the garden. Community, friendship, relationships are what drive us in the long term, not stuff. So don’t forget to make personal connection this holiday. When you are feeling stressed out, drop what you are doing, go for a walk or do some deep breathing and come back around to what you are here for. WHY do you do this? Are you getting joy from it? Are you happy and feeling grateful? OR are you feeling more stressed than usual. If so, tell your people how you feel. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE FEELING BUT YOU AND YOU CAN NOT EXPECT OTHERS TO UNDERSTAND UNLESS YOU SHARE IT WITH THEM!

I hope you all have a wonderful Solstice Week full of happiness and joy!

One Comment on “12/23/19 Daily Thoughts

  1. What? I fully expect my loved one to be able to read my mind! It’s the least they can do!


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