Daily Thoughts 1/9/2020

Obviously I haven’t written forever (so much for this daily thoughts thing… haha), but I’ve been enjoying being super busy, traveling, spending time with family and friends and transitioning into a New Year and more business oriented work stuff!

Anyways, I’m writing you from Brisbane QLN Australia! I had a whirlwind of a few weeks from traveling from Portland to Sac, spending quality time with some of my best friends, to the Bay Area spending time with my awesome family for Christmas and my birthday. Then heading back to Portland for New Years with great friends and launching my 30 Day New Years Challenge and trying to get everything all in order to head to Australia! After 24 hours of traveling, 4 planes, No sleep, too many movies, and a lot of pages read in my book I made it safely with no mishaps! I feel like I am a really good traveler… I relax, go thru the process, know what to expect and instead of getting stressed out or irritated, I just let the workers do their job, stay patient and think about how grateful I am that I get to travel at all!

So here I am, in a great apartment in New Farm Brisbane! I’m in awe of this city in all its beauty and craziness. We have been driving all over the place (on the LEFT SIDE!!!!), visiting lookouts, walking 6-10 miles a day, seeing Australian animals and birds up the wazoo and taking it day by day! I have to say, traveling with my husband is the best! We plan things each day (instead of having our whole trip already planned.) We relax in the mornings and enjoy our apartment and coffee and each other, and talk about what to do for the day. We walk A LOT and check out the sights! Of course this is my style… laid back, taking in the present, not overthinking, not stressing, and feeling grateful (I suggest a little of this each day for happiness!) Of course feeling all the feels of the rest of this beautiful Country/ Continent and what it is going through with the fires. It is insanely sad and heartbreaking. We were lucky enough to be able to still come on our trip without being affected, but my hear goes out to all the people who are affected in NSW.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to! Loving my ability to travel well, to spend time with my hubs, to celebrate all our Winter holidays together now, and to soak up the sun and heat of Australian summer!

I’ll try and keep ya’ll posted periodically, but of course don’t expect much as I’m deep into vacay mode! Cheers mate!!!

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