6 Week Low Back & Hip Workshop Coming to Portland 2/5

The 6 week program is focused on preventing and easing low back tightness, pain and tension. During the 6 weeks, I will help you learn how to control your core, engage the correct muscles that protect the spine, and how to neutralize the low back. We will do core exercises, low back exercises, glute activation and stabilization exercises. We will also spend a lot of time on mobility exercises for the hips so you can gain range of motion and control that will help set you up for better movements patterns in order to prevent injury especially in the low back.

Everyone and anyone can benefit from this workshop. If you have low back pain now or if you have struggled with it in the past or fear for it in the future. Low back injury is the #1 injury in the workplace and usually can be prevented. This workshop is the perfect place to start to gain the knowledge and tools to be able to avoid injury in and out of the gym.

Each class is a little over an hour long in order to save time for questions and any discussion surrounding the topics we talk about. No one needs any experience in the gym for this class, or any experience with fitness. All levels and ages are welcome.

The whole 6 weeks is only $120 (usually I charge $75 per hour for personal training so this is a major deal!!) If you can’t come up with the $120 up front, you can drop in for $20 per class. I want the class to be accessible to everyone, so both options are available. The classes will be held at Com(motion) PDX, a NE Portland community studio.

For more information, please see the Calendar of Events Page https://romspecializedtraining.com, the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/2523913777852488/, or e-mail me for further information. You can register by purchasing the $120 program via Venmo https://venmo.com/ROMSpecializedTraining

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