The Whats and Whys of Sprint Club & Running

The field is usually split in half when asked about running.

One half says “Running, great! I love running and do it often. It’s free and a great workout for me.”

The second half says “Running… haha. It’s not for me and never will be.”

In my experience, that is about the exact response I get when I talk to people about running. That or, why in the world would I need a coach for running when I can do it on my own for free?

Well, I’m here to talk to you a little about Sprint Club and try and convince you to come try it sometime!

Let me ask you a question? Has anyone ever taught you how to run? Most likely not. I remember when I was in high school track, the new sprinting coach asked me one day “who taught you how to run” as he obviously was shocked at my terrible running form. Of course no one had taught me how to run… how hard can it be? It’s like walking, only faster… right? Turns out, it’s pretty complex and has a lot of moving parts, just like any skill we learn over time. 

If you want to be an efficient runner and avoid injury, it is pertinent to learn correct running form if you want to run long term. Over the few years in high school and especially after, I researched running, did drills, intervals and practiced consistently for years to get my running form where it is today, and so far, no injuries! 

The next thing I want to ask you is do you do cross training or specific stability and mobility drills to avoid injury and stay healthy as a runner? Another extremely important aspect of being able to continue running. If you don’t do this, no matter if you join my class or not, you should start adding it into your routine immediately!

Running is a repetitive movement (meaning you do the exact same move over and over and over again in a single plane of movement.) You repeat forward stepping hundreds and thousands of times each time you go for a run. Do you think if you do those thousand steps with bad form it will catch up to you? Do you think that if you don’t also do a proper warm up, cool down and strength/ stability/ mobility routine you will stay healthy and injury free? As a Movement and Exercise Specialist, I think if you don’t learn how to run correctly or learn to supplement the constant repetitiveness of running, you are at a high risk of getting injured, almost 100% certain at some point in your running career. 

Enter Sprint Club!!! 

  • Sprint Club is named this because we are not out here running long distances. The longest we will run at one time is 400m or a ¼ mile. That’s the LONGEST you will have to run at one time. Sprints are short distance, high effort. So even if you aren’t a “runner”, you can “sprint” these distances any speed that is a sprint for YOU. Plus you will feel successful because the finish line is always in sight!
  • Sprint Club focuses mostly on running form and preventing injury. I teach a form called Pose Running where alignment of shoulders, hips and ankles are under you each forefoot strike. This prevents injuries and helps you run faster and more efficiently.
  • We spend 10-15 minutes warming up properly to increase blood flow and warm the muscles, and to also dynamically stretch and work joints and muscles through range of motion to increase mobility.
  • We spend time on running drills to help with form practice and how to change your current running style to make you a better runner.
  • We spend about 20-30 minutes on actual running or sprinting intervals. After warm up, we go thru short intervals of form practice. Intervals are periods of running between periods of rest. After running form practice, we start the “workout” which consists of different lengths from 50m to 400m of sprints. These are self paced, and your rest between each is to ensure you are recovered enough to give full effort on your next sprint.
  • After a few sets of sprinting intervals, we usually spend time on accessory work, or exercises that will help strengthen and stabilize your joints that need to be strong to run faster and stay injury free. 
  • We talk about preventing injuries, what you can do for homework to increase your range of motion or soreness. We talk about recovery, foam rolling, mobility exercises and form practice.
  • Lastly we spend 8-10 minutes on stretching and mobility that target muscles that are used a lot during sprinting and running in general.

I encourage everyone to come out. Whether you are a runner currently, want to learn about running, want to increase your like for running, want to increase your speed during sprinting or just want to meet some cool people outside once a week, come out to Sprint Club! Plus Buckman Field is full of Soccer practices so if you are a parent (or know a parent) who waits around while their kiddo plays, you could be out there having fun too! Don’t hesitate to join us! And no matter what you will learn some new things, get your heart rate up, have some fun and set yourself up for success!

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