How to Choose the Right Program(s)

1. Do you have experience with exercise technique and basic movements?

If you answered no, be sure you start with the Beginner Program or the Full Program as they progress properly over time.

If you answered yes, you CAN start on the Intermediate Programs, but I suggest doing the Full Program so you ensure progressing and building strength over time.

2. Are you planning on committing to more than 2 days per week for your exercise program?

If you answered no, stick to 1 or 2 programs maximum.

If you answered yes, you can choose to Strength Programs plus pick a few Basic Programs to add in to your routine between or added on to your strength days.

3. What is your main goal with respect to fitness? 

Depending on your answer, you will be able to pick the proper routines for you. Be sure you have goals set and know what you are looking to achieve with your program. Spend time on the goal setting worksheet (included with program) before you start your program.

4. Have you been successful with a fitness routine in the past without a trainer?

If you answered no, what do you think deterred you from reaching your goals? Do you think working out without a trainer present will work for you?

If you answered yes, how can you continue to reach your goals and continue to   progress?

I created these routines so you have a lot of flexibility with respect to your own individualized programming. My hope is that you can pick and choose components that you are wanting to improve on and willing and able to add in to your routine. Each routine is 6 weeks long. This ensures consistency to learn and improve on the exercises, put focus on short and long term goals, and helps you stick with a program that is catered more to what you want without breaking the bank to get 100% specialized programming.

Program Recommendations

Strength Training

  • Complete  Upper and Lower Body Strength Programs Phase 1&2. 
  • Full body Mobility Phase 1&2

Range of Motion, Pain Relief and Body Control

  • Basic Upper Body Mobility Program Phase 1&2
  • Basic Lower Body Mobility Program Phase 1&2

Power and Speed

  • Speed Interval Running Program
  • Complete Power Agility Programs Phase 1&2

Starting a New Running Program

  • 5k Program 
  • Basic Beginner Core
  • Low Body Mobility Phase 1&2

Overall Fitness

  • Complete Beginner Upper and Lower Body Strength Programs 
  • Basic Cardio Phase 1
  • Basic Core Phase 1

Long Distance Runner Looking to Prevent Injury and Crosstrain

  • Beginner Lower Body Strength Program
  • Beginner Lower Body Mobility Program
  • Beginner Core Program

Not sure? Ask me directly so we can chat about specifics.

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