FIT TIP: Reaching

Functional Friday! For all those times you reach for a dish or platter or have this awkward shelving like I do here.

The shoulder joint has the highest risk of injury of all the joints because of the range of motion at it. We have 360 degrees of motion which means increased risk if we don’t put care and intent into our movements. Rotator cuff injuries are very common but are also preventable if we know how to protect our joints. This is the perfect example.

As we reach for things that are away from our midline, we are forced to increase the lever and increase the tension at our joint. BUT if we know how to depress, retract and stabilize our shoulder we will be much less likely to injury ourselves!

The biggest factors in this reach position, or any upper body movement is:

1. Depress the shoulders and keep them actively pulled down away from the ears.

2. Retract the shoulders. Squeeze the shoulder blades together even when your arms are straight (this is HARD) vs letting them round forward as you reach.

Practice these movements A LOT and your risk of shoulder injury will decrease exponentially!

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