FIT TIP: Computer Work

Functional Friday! Work, work, work… all about Computer Work!

Very similar to driving positions, working on a computer can easily get mindless and we forget all about our posture and set up.

Next time you sit at your desk go through this quick ergonomics check:

1. You are squared up with your computer, not leaning or reaching farther with one arm.

2. Put your screen to eye height. If that isn’t a possibility (laptop) lift the back of the keyboard and lean your screen back slightly to put less of a pull on your neck looking down.

3. Now rest your elbows on the desktop, wrists if you can, and squeeze your shoulders down and back away from your ears.

4. Engage inner abdominals and sit up as tall as you can, focusing on keeping low back neutral.

5. Either scoot your butt back to the back of the chair to use the back as support, or sit towards the front of the chair to actively engage core and back.

6. Adjust screen, keyboard and chair as needed.Set a timer while you work to check in with posture, do some desk stretches or exercises, and get up as often as possible.

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