FIT Tip: Driving

Functional Fitness Tip Friday!

Today, we talk about driving position.

1. Next time you go sit in your car, scootch your bum all the way to the back of your seat, sit up as tall as you can, pull your shoulders back, look forward and then adjust your rear view mirror and seat.

2. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR REAR VIEW MIRROR! This will be a reminder of when you slouch, lean or round your spine while driving.

3. Pull your seat up far enough so you don’t have to round your upper back and shoulders to reach the steering wheel with slightly bent arms. Or have to bring your bum further forward in order to reach the pedals.

4. Be sure your headrest is not pushing your head forward. You should be able to rest your head on it with a neutral cervicial spine.

5. Avoid rolling your shoulders forward, rounding the spine or overextending the spine, and try and keep your inner abdominal muscles engaged about 30% at all times as your pull your belly button towards your spine and work on keeping the low back neutral.

6. Also assess if you are leaning to one side, sitting on a wallet, or anything else that might create uneven sides.

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