FIT TIP: Gardening

Friday is for Fit Tips!

I want to talk about functional movement patterns that you will see in everyday life!

Todays tip is for my gardeners! As you bend, dig, pull, plant, harvest and weed, try and be mindful of your positioning.

1. Keep your spine neutral all the way up (lumbar and pelvic area, to the top of the head)

2. Engage the core and keep the ribs from flaring as well as keeping the spine neutral.

3. Keep the shoulders back and down away from the ears, especially as your reach forward. The muscles around the shoulder girdle should be stable to protect the shoulders and mid back.

4. Keep your hands close to your body. The more you reach your arms away from your body, the more stress it can put on your low back and shoulders. If you are reaching forward, be sure to brace the core, activate the back and shoulders and stay neutral as much as possible.

5. Avoid twisting and torsion at the knees, hips and back. If you do need to twist, be sure you are braced through the core and thighs to support your body as you rotate.

What else are you looking for tips on? Every Friday I’ll be talking about different real life situations (outside of the gym) to discuss movement patterns and safety so you can feel confident in staying healthy and prevent pain!

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