FIT Tip: Phone Browsing

Friday FIT Tip is all about that phone life!

We are all guilty of this one from time to time… and that time sure adds up! Be aware of how you are looking at your devices.

1. Sit up tall

2. Pull your shoulders down away from your ears and activate your shoulder and back stabilizers

3. Look forward with a slightly tucked chin

4. Move the phone so you don’t look down, jut your head forward or have to round your back or shoulders. Maybe your arms getting tired vs your neck will be a blessing in disguise.

5. Try squatting, lying down, or resting your phone on a shelf that is higher than normal instead.

The more time in a poor position, the longer it will take to fix the issue. Poor posture and head position can lead to headaches, shoulder impingement, hyper-tonicity in the trapezius and other neck muscles, worse posture, tight pecs, rounded thoracic spine (kyphosis) and overall head, neck, shoulder and upper back pain and poor ROM.

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