FIT TIP: Picking Up & Carrying

Functional Fitness Friday! Today is all about picking up (otherwise knows as a squat or hinge) and carrying heavy or odd objects.

This is often times the reason injury occurs, vs in your exercise class. Even if the weight isn’t heavy, often times we don’t put intent into bracing or squaring up our body, therefore, overly twist or put our low back or shoulders at risk of injury.

1. Start by standing over your object, or getting as close as you can to it.

2. Square your shoulders and hips to the ground.

3. Either hinge or squat keeping your core braced, spine neutral and shoulders active and pulled back and down away from the ears. Lats and lower traps are engaged and as tight as you can (pretend you are about to pick up something that is 100 pounds).

4. As you pick up your object, utilize your glutes to stand tall, then keep pulling your shoulder blades together, pull your ribs down toward your pelvic to keep core engagement, and pretend you are in a plank.

5. When you put your object back down, hinge or squat again with the whole upper body (pelvis, core, low back, shoulder blades, shoulders) braced and engaged. Avoid twisting at the low back, knees, or reaching away from your body to pick something up without keeping the shoulders engaged and pulled back.

Be intent even when you pick up a pencil, piece of paper, a bag of groceries or even your purse from the back seat.

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