FIT TIP: Tossing & Throwing

Functional Friday: Throwing, tossing and all things rotation!

Rotation happens daily, whether we reach across to pick something up, toss laundry, throw a rock, or swing a golf club. Knowing how to brace ourselves for injury prevention, core strength and power is super important. Many times we rotate without bracing the core, shoulders or we rotate through the knees and can put ourselves at risk of injury or decreased power.

Go thru the body check next time you practice your rotation or throwing!

Option 1: Square up

1. As you hold your object, square your body in the direction you want to throw or toss.

2. Bend the knees in a proper squat and toss the object from the shoulders forward using the thighs and hips to thrust the weight.

3. Or hinge as you bring the weight under your hips and toss underhand like a kettlebell swing using the glutes and core as your power.

Option 2: Rotational throw

1. Holding weight on a shoulder or by a hip, stagger your feet so you have a partial lunge in order to use the leg strength.

2. Brace the core and either split squat then press the shoulder as you rotate the spine while stabilizing the low back and hips. Try to not rotate thru the knees by keeping the legs stable and strong.

3. If tossing from the hips, try and gain momentum by rotating thru the torso but letting your legs bend and moving the hips to help. Keep the arms mostly straight swing the weight like a toss and squeeze your glutes as you let go of the weight.

4. Always be sure to keep the spine neutral, core engaged and ribs pulled down toward the pelvis to be sure you are not using your low back as you toss.

5. Also be sure the shoulders are pulled back and away from the ears to stabilize the joint.

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