Corporate Wellness

Does your corporate team need a leader in movement, pain free life and workplace wellness? I have partnered and worked with numerous workplaces to design wellness seminars, stretch breaks and trained stretch leaders, assessed ergonomics, created monthly programs for stretching and fitness, progressive strength and cardio building, as well as injury prevention, chronic pain workshops and leading corporate workouts on site. Want to add more movement to your team to increase morale, efficiency and energy and to keep everyone feeling their best? Let’s partner up!

Hosting a Wellness Seminar to Robert Federighi Design team in Novato, CA.

Wellness Seminars- Discuss daily habits and breaking up the day with small bursts of more movement to increase blood flow and keep your energy up to continue to be productive throughout the day. Learn the best stretches and exercises to do at your desk to combat chronic pain, will help with posture and neck and back pain. Discuss basic ergonomic set up and why bad desk set up and lead to pain and injury. In person or web based. $175 includes 30 minute Live Zoom Workshop, Office Stretches Worksheet, Daily Habits Calendar, Ergonomics Breakdown, Movement Tips as well as a list of Strength Exercises you can do at your desk!

Movement Classes- This is based on what your team needs the most. It can be focused on mobility and stretching, gentle or body warming flow class, functional fitness or focused on low back and hip pain. Maybe you want to start a monthly run or weekly 30 minute lunch fitness class. I cater to YOUR team and YOUR needs.

Wellness Calendar- I will design and present a monthly wellness challenge to keep your team moving and healthy. The focus of this is to boost morale and teamwork and to throw in a little competitive fun to the workplace. The focus is to add more movement to the day, challenge you to better nutrition habits and create a regular workplace wellness routine. When your employees are feeling stronger, more energized and preventing pain, they work more proficiently and will end up saving your company money because of injuries, sick days and lack of focus. Keep your team enthused by giving out an end of month prize or partner with me for a personal training session.

Specialized Personal Fitness Routines- I can work with your team and design a program for individuals or anyone who has a common fitness or mobility goal. This can be focused on strength, weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, or overall fitness and body awareness. Maybe your team wants to join a run or obstacle course. I can help set up a program for the whole team to feel successful and prevent injury.

Specialized Nutrition Program- Do you want a fun and healthy challenge for your team? I can create a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly nutrition routine that will set everyone up for success in creating better eating habits and teaches you the basics of whole food nutrition. Includes Meal Plan, Shopping lists, and Recipes. Can be catered to allergies and food restrictions.

Contact me to discuss your workplace wellness demands to discuss pricing

All corporate employees I partner with also get 10% off all personal services

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