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Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of health. Not only does food fuel us for performance, it is also one of the most preventative services you can give yourself for a longer life. Proper nutrition can prevent many diseases, because many diseases that face America today are preventative based on food choices and lack of nutrition education.

My nutrition coaching is based on whole food eating. I do not recommend supplements, although I can refer you to people who do. I focus on learning about getting a nutritious diet that is made up of whole, real, one ingredient food, ideally sourced locally.

If you are struggling with pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, low energy, chronic fatigue, other obesity related diseases or struggles, better nutrition is the best long term solution you can do to help yourself. Or maybe you struggle with yo-yo dieting, gaining weight, want to lose weight, decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, or just re-asses your nutrition goals, I want to help you learn about better food, prep, meal ideas and recipes.

Nutrition Services

  • Meeting about where you are at, struggles, goals, setting yourself up for success. In person, phone call, or video chat.
    • $75 first session- 1 hour
    • $30 follow up sessions- 30 minutes each
  • Personalized meal planning. All diets and allergies accepted.
    • 3 Days up to 30 Days of Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Macro breakdown- $75 per hour
  • Personal shopping trip and meal planning together. Includes recipe creating, shopping list, food prep, meal planning.
    • 2-5 hours: $75 per hour
  • Review of food journaling, tips feedback and weekly check-ins.
    • $20 per week

Lifestyle Coaching is more of an every day routine approach to “health.” Not only do we need more movement in our life, but many times a new outlook on what health means and how to implement it into regular life, is just as or more important than the fitness side of it.

As a lifestyle coach, I can help you set simple goals about your life and help you make them a priority. These type of lifestyle goals not only make your life healthier, but also usually simpler, less stressful, more energy filled, and more productive.

We will focus on things as small as setting a better schedule, doing food prep, taking a deep breath when you feel stressed out, getting outside more, making a social date outside of the home, disconnecting from your phone, TV or Social Media, and doing more fitness or healthy nutrition activities that involve your family and friends.

If you struggle with stress, lack of motivation, binge eating, sticking to a schedule and are ready to face those with open arms to change, contact me!

Lifestyle Coach Services:

  • In person or phone call to talk about goals, priorities and setting up a schedule
    • First meeting- 1 hour: $75
    • Follow up meetings- 30 minutes: $30
    • Package- 1 hour first meeting, and 6 follow up meetings: $200 
  • Written schedule with daily tasks to check off and share with me weekly or monthly dependent on your goals 
    • $100 for a full month schedule with weekly check-ins 
  • Personalized weekly check-ins about progress, obstacles and facing new challenges 
    • $20 per month (4 check ins via e-mail or phone call) 
  • If you live locally, we can set up a home meeting. Here we can assess your home life and simple organization tips, and if you have the space for a garden or more outdoor usable space.
    • $75 per hour
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