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Personalized Written Program

Written specifically for your personal goals, movement experience, equipment, space, time and schedule. 30 minute FREE Video consultation to review movement patterns, and talk about your goals.

All written programs come with video reviewing cues, safety and progressions for each workout plus tracking on how to progress through the 6 workouts during the month.

$180: 6 Written Workouts to be progressed over 4-6 weeks

$110: 3 Written Workouts to be progressed over 3-6 weeks

General Workout Programs

Each written program is carefully created to progress all levels of fitness and experience to better your performance, and gives you flexibility when it comes to time, experience and goals. The programs are broken down Phase 1 & 2 levels to keep the focus on proper movement patterns and muscle engagement to progress properly.

When you sign up, you will receive a Program Manual that will help keep you on track and consistent for the 6 weeks of each phase. The Manual Includes the following:

  • 6 week tracking sheet and written breakdown for each workout
  • Access to exercise breakdown and form videos for each workout
  • Goal setting worksheets and 6 week goals calendar
  • Suggestions on building the perfect program based on your strengths, weaknesses and goals

Upper Body Strength $85Core$45
Lower Body Strength $85Cardio$45
Power & Agility$85Upper Body Mobility$45
Speed & Sprinting $85Lower Body Mobility$45
8 Week Beginner 5k $85Combo Upper + Lower
Body Mobility

Currently I can accept payment in the forms of Venmo, Paypall or Cash App. Online store is under construction and will be updated as soon as I can make that happen. Please contact me with other questions or concerns

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