Coaching and Training

All of my training and programming is personally structured for YOU.

They will cater to your injuries, weaknesses, mobility issues, goals and are all progressive over time. We will start with questions and a breakdown of your movement. Then it will progress from simple movement patterns, to more complex patterns as long as you can show proper form and ROM. My passion is to help you move better, be more efficient and be able to progress properly without getting injured and while learning about your own body and the way it moves.

All personal training sessions are $75 per hour. Or package of 10 sessions at $70 per session (packaged session discounts at gym location only. If I travel to you, no discounts available)

FREE Initial Consultation: In person or call to discuss your goals, set up a schedule, and find a routine that will work best for you.

Specialized Movement Training (AKA Personal Training): Goal or restriction based.

Online Programming: Written exercise routines that change depending on your budget and goals. Weight lifting, running, cross training, mobility, pre/post rehab programs available. Programs can be monthly, weekly, or daily and can be accompanied by a personalized video.

Movement Assessment: Assessments include Functional Movements, Body Mechanics, Running, Weight Lifting, or Plyometrics.
Recommendations on strengthening, mobility restrictions, and specific movement cues.

Small Group Training 2-5 people: Small Group Training is the perfect way to work on specific movement and fitness goals with a friend or teammate. Skill Based and Sport Specific. 2 people $55 per person, 3 people $45 per person, 4 people $35 per person

Large Group or Team Training 6-30 people: Offseason training program for your sport, indoor or outdoor coach to help you reach your goals? I can travel to you or set up a workout at a local park or school to be sure you get a great workout. Within the workout can cater to all levels of fitness and injury. Price dependent on amount of people and location

Preventative Injury and Movement Workshop: Injury and Movement Workshops are specialized 2-6 part workshops that focus on injury prevention, strengthening, stretching, and correcting mechanics. Testing, Stretch & Exercise Routine included. Pricing is dependent on length of class, amount of people and location

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